Probably the best description of Mediation is found in the prefatory notes to the Uniform Mediation Act:

"Mediation is a consensual process in which the disputing parties decide the resolution of their dispute themselves with the help of a mediator, rather than having a ruling imposed upon them. The parties' participation in the mediation, often accompanied by counsel, allows them to reach results that are tailored to their interests and needs, and leads to their grater satisfaction in the process and results. Moreover, disputing parties often reach settlement earlier through mediation, because of the expression of emotions and exchanges of information that occur as part of the mediation process."

Mediation may be productively used in virtually any type of dispute. It is particularly helpful in assisting parties in reaching beyond the "Win-Lose" mindset of many litigants, and working on solutions that satisfy both parties without the cost, delay, and uncertainty of litigation.

To this end, Juridical Solutions plc provides the services of Senior Professionals who have had years of experience in the resolution of simple and complex disputes involving virtually all types of disputes that arise in our society.

Agreement to Mediate

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