Transform Dispute Resolution:

Experience the Judge-Led ADR Advantage

Discover the pinnacle of dispute resolution with our comprehensive Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) services. Our offerings are tailored to meet the unique challenges of each area. Confidential resolutions that eliminate the costs, delays, and public exposure that are typically associated with court litigation are just a few of the benefits of ADR. Entrust your disputes to the expert hands of our retired Judges. 

Family Law and

Domestic Relations


Led by retired judges, our approach to family law considers and respects the emotional and legal intricacies involved, offering a path to amicable and fair resolutions. Mediation sessions can be facilitative or evaluative depending on the request of the parties and their counsel. 

 Equitable Distribution

  Custody, visitation, relocation

 Child and spousal support

fontawesome-5.14.0--Check Circle Pre and post-nuptial matters

Personal Injury

& Tort


Our retired judges leverage their experience to offer personalized solutions for personal injury, product liability, and professional malpractice cases. Arbitration and mediation services are available.


  Personal Injury

 Premise Liability

  Professional Malpractice

  Product Liability

Wills, Trusts

and Estate Law

Adversarial estate matters will benefit from our experienced neutrals in a non-confrontational approach that will not only focus on a resolution of the dispute but can also encourage and facilitate the ongoing family relationships.


fontawesome-5.14.0--Check Circle, Trusts and Estates

 Real Estate and Land Use

Employment and Title IX Hearings

Our solutions offer a constructive platform for resolving conflicts, including employment agreements, Title IX hearings, and other workplace disputes. Mediation can provide a neutral and confidential setting where all parties can openly discuss information about the underlying dispute.


  Workplace Standards


And Commercial 

Experience a tailored approach that navigates the complexities of commercial leases, construction agreements, and more, ensuring efficient and confidential outcomes without the delays of traditional litigation.

  Commercial Leases

 Business & Commercial Transactions

Discovery Disputes



Our approach not only accelerates resolutions but also maintains the confidentiality of sensitive information, allowing you to focus on resolving or litigating your case if necessary.  Our judges are well versed on all facets of the discovery process. 

 Intellectual Property