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Our retired Judges are ready to help you navigate your online law practice. Online dispute resolution (ODR) has turned out to be surprisingly easy and satisfying. We have successfully settled cases using remote meeting platforms, Zoom and Go2Meeting.

Here are some ODR Tips from our experience:

1. Let your client meet your JS Neutral before the day of the Mediation. A short video meeting with your Neutral in advance will increase comfort levels.
2. Consider hiring a service to handle the electronics. Many court reporting companies are handling ODR.
3. Have your phone nearby and get everyone’s mobile number before you begin. The beginning and ending of each JS caucus can be easily communicated. Also a phone “sidebar” can be helpful in negotiations.
4. Watch YouTube videos about how to maximize communication skills in video meetings. Lighting and background are factors you can influence.
5. Be prepared for electronic “spilled coffee” experiences. It’s OK if a connection fails or a mute button is on by mistake.
6. Speak in shorter bursts. It helps people interact with each other. It prevents too much overtalking.
7. Take breaks! Avoid the pressure cooker of sitting and switching screens all day.

Everyone wants to stay safe and healthy by avoiding the health risk of in-person meetings. ODR is remarkably efficient and can take much less time than in-person ADR. We can work with you to set up an electronic mediation or arbitration.

Please contact Jaima McReynolds [email protected] or
Judge Hammond (Ret.) [email protected] to discuss your ODR needs. We value your business and stand ready to assist.