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JS Neutrals are available to use ZOOM while people work remotely. 

Everyone wants to stay safe and healthy by avoiding the health risk of in-person meetings. 

We can work with you to set up an electronic mediation or arbitration. 

The easiest option may be to take advantage of services already adept at electronic alternatives. Judge Hammond (Ret.) discussed this option with PLANET DEPOS today. You can schedule your JS mediation date, and schedule a corresponding video conference with PLANET DEPOS. Telephone (888) 433-3767 &  Email [email protected]

Planet Depos will send an email to each participant, with links to the electronic meetings (group and individual) and instructions on use. The Planet Depo email will be in advance of the mediation date, providing tech support and a chance to test the operation if participants are not familiar with ZOOM. During the meeting each party will be in confidential communication with the Neutral, then leave the meeting before the opposing party begins its caucus. During the meeting Planet Depos will be available for tech support.

Please contact Jaima McReynolds [email protected] or 

Judge Hammond (Ret.) [email protected] to move forward together. We value your business and stand ready to assist.