Judge Pro Tempore

The Commonwealth of Virginia (§17.1-110-111 of the Code of Virginia, 1950, as amended) has a statute which permits the parties to select a qualified individual (a person who is a citizen of the Commonwealth and licensed to practice law in Virginia) to serve as a "Judge pro tempore" to decide their case. This procedure can be used in any civil or domestic matter where the parties agree to such a procedure and the sitting Judge approves the person selected as Judge pro-tempore. The fees of the Judge pro-tempore are paid by the parties and not by the government.

The advantage of the Judge pro-tempore procedure is that the Judge pro-tempore has all of the authority and powers of an actively sitting Circuit Court Judge, and the decision issued by the Judge pro-tempore is as final and binding as a Final Order from any Circuit Court. Also, like any Circuit Court Judgment or Final Order, the parties may seek appellate review in the Court of Appeals of Virginia and/or the Supreme Court of Virginia.

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